Antifungal formulation for vaginal candidiasis

Candida spp. are the frequent cause of fungal infections which leads to a range of life threatening invasive to non-life threatening mucocutaneous diseases. They include Candida albicans, Candida glabrata, Candida paraspilosis, and Candida tropicalis Vulvo vaginal candidiasis (WC) affects mostly healthy women at least

once in their life time. WC was classified into uncomplicated and complicated cases. WC affects more than 95% pregnant women during their pregnancy period. Drug resistance and recurrence is the major drawback of the more popular azole drugs. They are also not effective against non-albicans species.

Intended Application

Vaginal application

Product Design and Silent Features

Vaginal gel prepared from 3 plant extracts. Effective against both albicans and non-albicans species. Safe during pregnancy period.

Current Market status/Novelty

The total market for antifungal drugs is estimated to total $6.1 billion for 2011. 4% expected growth is predicted for each years. The product is derived from plant extracts which are proved to be safe from time immemorial. Can be used by pregnant women also.

Development Stage

Preclinical studies and stability studies going on

Future Works

Limited clinical trials

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