Fibrin Wafer
By Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology(SCTIMST)
Surgical bleeding often causes excessive blood loss needing several units of blood transfusion. Most of the hemostats available currently are not capable of inducing hemostasis at major internal surgical sites with high bleeding tendency. Also most of them are not absorbable. So there is a need to develop high efficiency hemostats to arrest bleeding.
Product Design and Silent Features
Lyophilized fibrin wafer with good porosity for penetration of blood is produced from human plasma derived fibrin sealant. Upon entry into the fibrin wafer, blood clotting is promoted by high concentration of active thrombin available. >2 year shelf life. The degradation and clearance of FW within 30 days of use as hemostat applied on rabbit liver tissue has been demonstrated. There is no fibrotic reaction in the liver tissue which assures safety of the product.
Development Stage
Industry shall associate with the development in developing the packaging and conduct of clinical trials.
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