Fibrin sealant
By Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology(SCTIMST)
Fibrin sealant from small batch pools of plasma Fibrin Sealants are two component systems that are approved for use as hemostatics, tissue sealants, and tissue adhesives.
Product Design and Silent Features
This fractionated plasma product meets listed specifications in the European/Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) & WHO regulations for efficacy and safety, respectively. The product kit comprises mainly lyophilized fibrinogen and thrombin with >1y storage stability till reconstitution, just prior to use, in respective solvents included in the kit. Dual syringe applicator assembly in the kit ensures optimum mixing and the clot forms within 2-5s. Intended applications of Fibrin Sealant could be as biological soft tissue adhesive, as adjunct to surgical sutures and/or to promote haemostasis.
Development Stage
Prototype developed. Industry shall collaborate and take forward the evaluations and commercialization.
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