Hydrogel for osteoarthritis

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a major component of synovial fluid and cartilage. HA is responsible for theviscoelasticproperties(shock absorbingandlubricating abilities) of synovialfluid(SF).In osteoarthritic patients, HAhasalower concentration and molecular weight in OA joints as compared to healthy ones. In stage I and stage II osteoarthritic patients HA hydrogel can be given as an interarticular injection. This will help in improving the rheological properties of the SF, promote the endogenous synthesis of a higher molecular weight and possibly more Functional hyaluronan,thereby improving mobility, articularfunction,and decreasing pain.

Intended Application

Against osteoarthritis ( stage I and II)

Product Design and Silent Features

This product is a cross linked HA hydrogel which can be given as an intraarticular injection. HA of molecular weight 2000 kDa derived from bacterial fermentation has been cross linked using a cross linking agent. HA of pharma grade is purchased from Shiseido, Japan (http://www.shiseido.com)

Current Market status/Novelty

Orthovisc, Hyalgan and Artz/Supartz are the most widely used low molecular weight product for osteoarthritis. SYNVISC is the high molecular weight product. SYNVISC is found to be better than the other products. It is produced by Genzyme Corporation and costs around 16,000/ per injection.

Development Stage

Prototype developed with initial pre- clinical evaluation.

Future Works

Stability studies, Scaling Up of production

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