Hydroxyapatite nanogel for root canal filling
By Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology(SCTIMST)
Clinical relevance Root canal filling pastes are frequently used endodontic surgery to seal the root canal of pulp-infected tooth and to save it from extraction. An ideal root filling material should be able to administrate easily into the canal, should provide perfect sealing of the canal laterally as well as apically and should not shrink after application. The nano-gel formulation of hydroxyapatite has proven to possess most of the characteristics. This has been particularly designed for deciduous teeth in pediatric cases where a biocompatible material is inevitable.
Product Design and Silent Features
This is a nano-gel formulation of hydroxyapatite intended for the filling of root canals after pulpotomy. The intellectual property rights of the production process are protected. The product consists of a nano-gel of hydroxyapatite which comes as a pre-loaded injectable package convenient to transfer to root canals. It has passed the in vitro criteria prescribed by ISO/ANSI standards.
Development Stage
In vitro studies are completed. Industry can associate to take forward with clinical evaluations.
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