Infant Warming wrapper-bassinet
By Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology(SCTIMST)
Premature babies born with low birth weight are subjected to high temperature loss and may even die if the ambient temperature is not maintained at the core body temperature requirement of 37ÂșC. Hence such new born babies are kept in a warm environment to compensate for temperature loss and improve weight gain. Present technologies available are less accessible, non-portable and costly.
Product Design and Silent Features
A transportable, light weight, battery operated, infant warmer is developed which consists of a bassinet to keep the baby and a retractable warming pad on the top. The warming pad consists of a cluster of infrared light emitting diodes which emits infrared rays in the wavelength suitable for warming a baby. A power controller with battery pack attached to the bassinet receives feedback signal from a set of temperature sensors distributed throughout the warming pad and controls the same. The power controller is equipped with temperature display over temperature alarm and other safety features
Development Stage
Prototype developed. Industry shall collaborate and take forward the evaluations and commercialization.
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