Stretch Marks Cream

Stretch marks (SM) or Striae distensae are linear scars in the dermis which arise from rapid stretching of the skin over weakened connective tissue. SM result from rapid expansion of the underlying tissue, e.g. during puberty, pregnancy or rapid weight gain.Many women (50 to 90%) develop stretch marks especially during pregnancy. Stretch marks are not an illness, but women are distressed about the change in the physical appearance of their skin during/after pregnancy. Several creams have been claimed to remove these stretch marks once they have developed, however there is no reliable evidence to support such claims. As women are more cautious about their prettiness throughout lifetime, the products which could improve the status of the beauty are most welcomed. Therefore constant or increasing market for cosmetic products is sustained in India. From the medical point of view these scars are completely harmless, but they are a widespread cosmetic and psychological problem. Treatments that have been used to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks include laser treatments, laser dermabrasion, topicalretinoids and exfoliation. Laser treatmentduring pregnancy / lactation is contraindicated, therefore use of topical application is more recommended for the treatment of stretch mark. The treatment of this disease has been a challenge for clinicians and scientists for a long time. Any topical treatment which could prevent the development of stretch marks would be appreciated by female community because mentally they are very much upset about the skin appearance.

Hence there is a huge market for over-the-counter products that claim to prevent or improve SM.

Intended Application

Herbal Based Medication to Cure Post Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Product Design and Silent Features
  • Unique combination of herbs to address the pathophysiology of stretch marks.
  • The herbal formulation made up of (a) proteolytic enzymes inhibitors,(b) collagen, and fibronectin producing components, (c) tyrosinase inhibitors.
  • Specific extracts and the extraction methods used
  • Investigated the activity by in-vitro methods
  • Standardized the extracts and the final product with isolated active constituents
  • Examined the stability of selected phytochemicals in the final product
  • Positive efficacy feedback from the users
Current Market status/Novelty

Even though absence of research work at national level, few over-the-counter products are available in the Indian Market, for example (i) Aloederm from Fem Care Pharma Ltd. (ii) Stretchnil- Pregnancy stretch mark cream from Gufic Biosciences Limited, (iii) StriaStretch marks cream from Goodlooks (India) etc., (iv) Dhathri Scar Cream from Dhathri Ayurveda Group etc.,

In international market a number of over-the-counter products available for the treatment of SM. In South Africa, an oil-based cosmetic formulation (Bio-OiITM) has been produced and marketed since 1987. It is also marketed in 17 other countries. Other products includes (a) Lift Activ Nuit, from L'Oreal, Paris (b) Scar + Stretch Mark Skin Cream from Provenance Solutions, U.K. (c) Finale Stretch Mark Removal Cream

from Nanomed Co. Ltd., Thailand (d) Marksplex Stretch Marks cream from Marksplex, US (e) Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy from Mederma, Germany (f) Goodbye Stretch Marks from Mama Mio Skincare Ltd., USA (g) Mamaform from OM Trade GmbH, Switzerland etc., Still, huge market demand for an effective product to cure stretch marks is predicted. Hence the research based product with high efficacy can tap considerable market share.

Development Stage

Product developed at R&D , ready for market through AYUSH guideline

Future Works

Scaling up of production. Post market surveillance study

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