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The PrisTINE Process - An indigenous technology for advanced wound care
By Alicorn Medical Private Limited
The pressing need for an advanced wound care product which is affordable to common patients is a major concern to the clinicians working in the Indian healthcare sector who are importing advanced wound products. At present in India, we are importing such advanced wound care products from Western multinational companies because Indian manufacturers have very limited access to these technologies. So much so, it is prohibitively expensive for common patients in India.
Intended Application
The PrisTINE Process is used to manufacture ChitraDesign CholeDermTM Wound Matrix. It is indicated for the management of wounds including: • Partial and full-thickness wounds • Pressure ulcers • Venous ulcers • Diabetic ulcers • Chronic vascular ulcers • Tunneled/undetermined wounds • Draining wounds • Trauma wounds (abrasions, laceration, second-degree burns, skin tears) • Surgical wounds (donor sites/grafts, Post-Mohs surgery, Post-laser surgery, podiatric, wound dehiscence)
Product Design and Silent Features
Our product pipeline uses The PrisTINE Process and it is used for preparing tissue-engineering scaffolds from mammalian organs and tissues, which can restore pristine tissue architecture.
Current Market status/Novelty
Animal derived extracellular matrices of bovine/equine/porcine organs like skin, pericardium, tendon have been used for fabricating tissue grafts and wound healing matrices after appropriate decellularization procedures. The quality of these grafts depend on several factors including, the donor species, the source organ, the method used for the production of the extracellular matrices and indented site of tissue repair as grafts or wound healing matrices. Our technology will give a superior healing when compare to similar technologies in the market.
Development Stage
Product is ready for drug regulatory approvals and marketing.
Future Works
Clinical Evaluation
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